Rooted in Love
Birth Doula
Rooted in Love Birth Doula
Supporting Women, Babies, and Families

As a mother and a doula, I want to support you in creating a positive birth experience and 'new mom' time.  My hope is to help set the foundation which will foster a relationship rooted in love between you, your baby, and your family.


Ready or not, you're about to begin an amazing journey!

Birth is a major event in a woman's life.  The decision to hire a doula can further enrich your experience so that your memory of this precious and awe-inspiring labor of love is filled with peace, joy, and a trust in your own strength.
My Birth Philosophy
Carrying and birthing your baby are the first of many amazing gifts that you will give to your little one.  They can also be transformative and wholly loving events for you, as you take your first steps into motherhood.
As a doula, I believe that my job is to give you what you need so that you feel safe and comforted, and are able to focus on what is important: your baby and your new family.  Each mother has different needs when in labor, so I am very flexible in the services which I provide during a birth.

Photo Gallery

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  1. Happy mother and baby
    Happy mother and baby
    A positive birth experience paves the road for an amazing relationship with your baby.
  2. Triplets!
    The first time I fell in love with babies, there were 3 of them!
  3. Baby Sebastien
    Baby Sebastien
    It takes a village to raise a child, and a doula can be part an integral of that village.
  4. Belly Henna
    Belly Henna
    Getting started!
  5. Belly Henna 2
    Belly Henna 2
    The final product!
  6. Belly Henna 3
    Belly Henna 3
    Love how this one turned out.
  7. 20 Week Belly Henna
    20 Week Belly Henna
    I'm happy to do henna at any time during pregnancy; this mom was doing a half-way photo shoot.


"Sabira Stash lived with us for the first full year after our triplets were born. I don't think I could have survived that year without her help. She is kind, loving and a truly beautiful person. Sabira has an innate way of connecting with the babies that is so important and certainly not everyone has. I fully trust her and recommend her to anyone who needs help with babies and young children in any capacity. Sabira became part of our family that year, and I can honestly say that the love and support she gave our family on so many levels, has contributed to my children being the healthy, caring, grounded, intelligent people they are today. (Thank you Sabira!)" 
~Latifah Shay (mother of triplets)

Recommended Resources

  1. Pre-natal Massage
    Belly Up Spa While fairly far south for me to to go regularly, I gave birth less than 12 hours after Belly Up's 'Induction Massage'. Highly recommended for relaxation as well as to jump start labor.
  2. Pre-natal Yoga
    Belly Bliss, Cherry Creek, Denver CO The Mama 'Hood, Highlands, Denver CO
  3. Birth Center
    Mountain Midwifery, Denver CO Baby & Co., Wheat Ridge CO
  4. Nutrition Support
    Coming soon!
  5. Post-Partum Support
  6. Lactation Support
    Gina Gerboth, IBCLC Gina was my homebirth midwife, and as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, is also extremely knowledgeable about lactation.
  7. Chiropractic
    Well Beings Chiropractic, Lakewood CO Dr. Jacob Fletcher cured my sciatica, which flared up during my second trimester, within 2 months! He is great for both prenatal and post partum care.
  8. Homebirth Midwives
    Gina Gerboth Geneva Montano Sena Johnson Maren